Franchise Support Structure 加盟指導

Special Ingredients 食材のこだわり


The Tonkotsu or pork bone broth is simmered using the finest pork bones and other parts for 10 hours daily, and the unnecessary oil and residue is skimmed off.

The result? A wonderfully consistent and flavourfully thick broth that is rich in collagen and protein, which can only be achieved with lots of patience, and the use of the right technique and equipment.

We have also invented a delicious non-pork soup variation for relevant markets.

Soup boiled for long hours for good taste



Noodles are freshly made every day with chewiness to your liking. Use-by date within 2 days of production but we always use up our noodles the same day.

Japanese ramen



Well-marbled pork belly is first boiled in hot water to remove the odour. To lock in the flavor and juice, it is simmered for four hours in our special sauce, then hand-trimmed to the right thickness.

Our signature soft chashu literally melts on your tongue and leaves you yearning for more.

Special chashu


Kazan Ishiyaki

An interesting way of serving that you cannot find elsewhere.

Kazan = volcano and Ishiyaki = hot stone bowl.

Together a formidable combination for performance and flavor. Not only does Ishiyaki retain the heat throughout the meal, the soup, noodles and rice taste richer with every mouthful.


Quality and Freshness

We do not use preservatives, additives and such. 100% natural, fresh taste.